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Tenjam Circ DuraFLEX Seating

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Look at the fun Circ has with all the Circ friends. Circ’s can be a colorful bunch and they can be moved into all sorts of fun arrangements to fit your space.

Breaking News:
The word on the street is that the Circ’s really want the same respect as the Circle’s. In a recent survey of 100 Circ’s it became evident that they think sharing a similar name to the Circle’s is limiting their potential. So on all of the Circ boxes we now write “Crescent.” Now the Circ’s are joyfully celebrating having two names and they are excited to share their joy with the world. So we apologize for the confusion when your Circ’s arrive in a box labeled as Crescent…just know the Circ’s will bring extra joy because of it.

Circ DuraFLEX can be used as a seat, table, or ottoman.

With 1 Inch Height Fixed Legs:
Item # 15003A1_ _: Circ DuraFLEX 12.5 Inch Height, 27 lbs
Item # 15003B1_ _: Circ DuraFLEX 16.5 Inch Height, 32 lbs

With 2 Inch Height Fixed Legs:
Item # 15003A2_ _: Circ DuraFLEX 13.5 Inch Height, 27 lbs
Item # 15003B2_ _: Circ DuraFLEX 17.5 Inch Height, 32 lbs

With 1.75 Inch Caster Wheels w/Brakes:
Item # 15003AC_ _: Circ DuraFLEX 13.25 Inch Height, 28 lbs
Item # 15003BC_ _: Circ DuraFLEX 17.25 Inch Height, 33 lbs

All heights of the Circ share the same modular footprint so they can be arranged together. All weights are approximate.

Tenjam’s DuraFLEX Material: The most durable seamless soft seating. Perfect for high traffic spaces like schools, libraries, healthcare, museums, retail, and more. Non-porous and waterproof flexible plastic shell with a flexible foam core. A solid base with fixed legs and the option for caster wheels for mobility. No hidden pockets or stitched seams where bacteria can hide and multiply. Surface has great stain resistance and can be readily cleaned and disinfected.

Tenjam also offers the Circ design in these materials:
Circ FIRM is made with our molded LDPE material. Firm products offer the ultimate in durability and wash-ability. These products have a firm outer shell and they can be used indoors and outdoors.


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