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Vidget Organic Seating System Pre K & Elementary School VG-10




SKU: VG-10


Pre K & Elementary School

Modular & Versatile 3 - in - 1 Patented Design

The Vidget® can transform from a chair into a desk or stool by simply turning it over. The modular & versatile design of the patented Vidget Organic Seating System™ provides many opportunities for collaboration by allowing people to build their own environments based on individual and group needs.

Sensory Benefits

Fidgety fingers naturally find ​the sensory bumps in side handles provide a tactile and discrete texture to use when in need of extra sensory input. This can keep help students respect the personal space of others and have a calming effect.

Ideal for Inclusive Classrooms

By providing freedom of movement for all students, the Vidget allows a discrete and non-disruptive outlet based on individual need. This self-directed behavior promotes healthier life and learning habits and improves time on task.

Everyone needs to move

The Vidget® inspires our bodies to move naturally and celebrates healthy learning! Fidgeting improves focus, releases energy, and promotes calmness. Vidgets create a healthier environment by providing a safe and quiet way to release some of the endless energy kids, teens, and adults have.



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