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Flagship Carpets

Flagship Carpets is a company dedicated to the creation of the finest carpets, rugs, and associated floor furnishings. With over 40 years in the business of creating educational rugs, Flagship Carpets combines innovation and traditional expertise in a union that produces the most exceptional rugs.

In fact, Flagship is the only direct manufacturer of Educational Carpets. From ABC to Addition and Subtraction, these mats are meant to help provide an enjoyable, but informative space for children to work. There's no need for bland, uniform floor spaces when you can use one of the largest areas in the room to help reinforce learning.

Each carpet is designed with a specific theme in mind, and can handle the wear and tear they will inevitably endure. With a wide selection and range of different options to choose from, there is no reason you can't find one that best suits your needs. Flagship Carpets remains the most reliable, and forward thinking option for educational flooring in the industry.